This is a surprisingly light and refreshing drink, reminiscent of Planters’ Punch, and makes a good conversation starter for our meals.  Picture yourself with one as you take in the view of magnificent Mele Bay to Port Vila from the front deck of The Summit Cafe.  The juice of the sugarcane is not as sweet as you might expect, and anyway the sugar content is in a raw, unrefined form which is very healthy.  The juice is a rich source of iron, potassium and calcium.  This recipe makes 2 glasses and this is how we make it at The Summit.


600ml (20 oz.) sugarcane juice (Sugarcane – Saccharum sp.)
Juice of 1/2 lime
About 1 tbsp. of fresh mint leaves
Fresh ginger root to taste
60ml (2 oz.) white rum
Ice, crushed or small cubes


Firstly, we harvest the fresh sugarcane, Tahitian limes, mint and ginger from our plantations early in the morning.  Process the sugarcane into juice with our manual sugarcane press.  Squeeze the limes, reserve one for a garnish. Dice the mint.  Press the fresh ginger root to extract the juice.

In an electric food blender, combine all ingredients and add a generous amount of ice.   Adjust with lime and ginger to suit your tastes.  Divide between two glasses.  Garnish with a lime wedge, if desired.