The Summit Gardens

Closed to the public from 1/2/17

Jim and Lesley Batty, the owners of the gardens, had been fortunate to visit Bali, Java and Malaysia several times whilst living in Darwin, and developed a love of the best tropical gardens. The spectacular views from The Summit presented the opportunity to build a large-scale garden.

In 2000, Mr Adam Ehlmann, an American tropical landscape architect who was residing in Port Vila at that time, developed a plan to upgrade the existing gardens which were fortunate to have “good bones” of huge rainforest trees, tropical shrubs and grassed areas. He produced a series of plans based on the “Balinese” style of garden that was very popular in those days and spent 15 months supervising the construction of The Terrace Gardens and several other areas. Adam departed Vanuatu in 2002 but left behind him a number of sketches for future developments in the garden. These plans, and much more, were implemented with Lesley taking the reins and directing an all Ni-Vanuatu workforce of gardeners and craftsmen to bring it to its present state.

What started off as a hobby became a driving ambition to create something beautiful that would showcase the beauty of Vanuatu and its people. It seemed a logical next step to share The Summit property with interested visitors and the gardens were opened to the public on 1 November 2011. The Summit gardens have been developed to provide maximum pleasure to the visitor. The 11 named gardens are spread over 6 hectares, are all distinctly different, unfolding as a series of surprises as you follow the meandering pathways. With thousands of different species originating from all over the world, The Summit Gardens remain colourful all year round. At nearly 200m above sea level, The Summit offers breathtaking views over beautiful Mele Bay.

The Gardens were devastated during Cyclone Pam on Friday 13 March 2015.

Since re-opening in August 2015, admission to the gardens is free and must remain so until they recover their former glory and world class status, and we wanted to share this journey with you.  However, costs for rehab and garden team wages are ongoing.

We believe in Trade not Aid… So if you want to help us going forward, please call into The Summit Health & Body Shop after your garden stroll and choose your favourite Made in Vanuatu skincare products.  All net proceeds from the shop go to cover the costs of restoring The Summit Gardens. And remember, our products carry a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Friends of The Summit Gardens