The Summit Essential Oils Distillery

Closed to the public from 1/2/17

The Distillery is our small Artisan factory where we hand-make our pure and natural, high quality health and body products. The steam distillation unit produces essential oils from the many trees and plants grown in The Summit Plantation or elsewhere in Vanuatu. These oils include sandalwood oil, vetiver oil, and ginger oil, with valuable hydrosols as a by-product. The cold press unit produces oils which are more suited to this type of processing, such as virgin coconut oil, tamanu oil and nangai oil. You will see our skilled local craftspeople making a range of health and body products, all using fresh, local and natural REAL ingredients. We use no artificial chemicals in our products.

We also have a “made locally” packaging policy for our gift or solution packs.

Why are our Packs so Special?

  1. They contain PURE. NATURAL. BENEFICIAL, LOCAL, ETHICAL & SUSTAINABLE ingredients AND customers appreciate our packaging policy;
  2. The boxes are handmade from 100% recycled cardboard by our crafts people and are full of amazing Vegan-Eco-Animal friendly amazing soaps, body mists and essential oils available from The Summit;
  3. HANDMADE in Vanuatu to our specs from clean, recycled, local materials. Our UNIQUE and ATTRACTIVE packaging represents our vision for our business and Vanuatu;
  • Import replacements to provide jobs for locals and to improve the balance of trade;
  • Recycling and minimal packaging to save trees and carbon emissions; and
  • Promotion of locally-owned industries to boost the local economies.