About Us

The Summit is a business, a place and a brand. It is established in Vanuatu primarily to create, sell and market Fair-Trade, Eco-Friendly Skincare Products that are Sandalwood-based and 100% pure and natural, inspired by tropical essential oils which grow at The Summit or elsewhere in Vanuatu. We are committed to producing top quality, consistently fabulous health and body products. That quality is guaranteed because we control the processes by having access to both the plants providing the sandalwood and other essential oils, as well as the small artisan distillery making the products. Our Chemist ensures that current Good Manufacturing Practices are strictly followed in our in-house production facility.

The Summit has been developed as a fully integrated agriculture-based enterprise and tourist facility at Mele Bay about 20 minutes from Port Vila, based on the principles of respect for the environment, for our animals and for encouraging development opportunities for the Ni-Vanuatu peopleOur speciality is Vanuatu sandalwood Santalum austrocaledonicum – growing it and then processing it into oil, hydrosol and powder.

It all starts with the plantations of sandalwood and other essential oil plants. These provide the principal ingredients for the manufacturing and marketing of health and body products made in The Summit Essential Oils Distillery located in the beautiful Summit Gardens.

There are some 120,000 sandalwood trees grown in The Summit plantations, ranging from 6 months to 20 years old, with the majority owned by Australian based investors. Sandalwood is going to be a real winner for both The Summit and Vanuatu in terms of export earnings.  We have installed a specially built steam distillation plant from USA and initial distillation results of our oils, powders and hydrosols produced are extremely promising.  Analyses conducted in several laboratories in Australia give readings for santalols, the sought after ingredient in high value perfumes, as being nearly as high as is normally obtained from Santalum album (Indian Sandalwood, the world leader in sandalwood).

Our Tahitian lime exports to New Zealand have been underway since 2009 and more plantings are being undertaken to satisfy the demand from New Zealand in their peak buying season of July to end of January.

Besides tending to the limes and other citrus orchards, macadamia, nangai and other tropical nut orchards, we are undertaking trials with commercial quantities of lemongrass and vetiver grasses. We can produce virgin coconut oil by our cold press methods.

Our production processes are transparent and observable.  Visitors may observe from the purpose built viewing room The Summit Team steam distilling sandalwood chips to make our signature sweet, woody, buttery essential oil. Or see a distillation of a batch of leaves and twigs from our Tahitian lime trees, or from our fabulous tangelo and mandarin trees, to make what is called petitgrain essential oils. We use these fresh-scented oils with their characteristically unique aromas in our aromatherapy products..

The Summit manufactures sandalwood and coconut oil soaps and natural soy wax candles, using local ingredients as much as possible.  The most decadent, sweet smelling soaps and candles can be seen being made in The Summit Essential Oils Distillery.  All of this integration of activities locally means that when you buy a product from The Summit range of Health & Body products then you really are getting something “Made in Vanuatu” by Ni-Vanuatu craftspersons.

You can buy all of The Summit products from The Summit Gift Shop or online at

We Grow It, We Make It, and We Guarantee It.  We offer a No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our products.